14. Commemorating the launch of the campaign for the safeguarding of Angkor

The Committee recommended submitting the principles for commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Tokyo Declaration in 2003 to the assessment of the Plenary Session in June 2001. The anniversary would be marked by three events:

  • Publication of a summary of international interventions;
  • Following up on the decision of the Tokyo Conference, convene a second meeting of the Conference to update the ICC mandate in line with the current situation;
  • Prepare a program for community participation.

The Committee also recommended commemorating the founding event to the safeguarding campaign, i.e. the appeal by His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia Head of State, for the safeguarding of Angkor made in October 1991 at UNESCO headquarters, just after the Paris Peace Agreement. The ICC permanent secretariat is asked to draft a program of commemoration activities and submit this program to the approval of the Plenary Session in June 2001.