Number 4
Having been briefed on the content of a technical lighting plan for the Angkor monuments proposed by Sou Ching Electronic Co., Ltd., the ICC would like to stress the necessity of taking into account the requirements of preserving the authenticity and visual integrity of the site—crucial to its exceptional heritage value—as well as international standards in the matter of protecting and showcasing properties included on the World Heritage List. Similarly, the ICC insists on the need to avoid any disturbance of the cultural and natural landscape of Angkor and to avoid any risks to the monument perimeter areas and subsurface of the site. The ICC therefore recommends with insistence that, prior to the necessary step of submitting the tentative project to the ICC for approval, the technical file be studied by both the ICC ad hoc experts and the ICC Secretariat. An opinion will be forwarded to the APSARA National Authority as quickly as possible.