14. Sambor Prei Kuk

  1. Since the site is being submitted by the Kingdom of Cambodia to the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is recommended that any work undertaken be part of a broader, holistic vision and integrated approach. It is indeed critical that the required criteria for applying to the List be gathered , in particular:
    – The Outstanding Universal Value of the site;
    – The integrity of the site; and
    – The authenticity of the site.
  2. It is recommended to draw a detailed archaeological map and the boundaries of the protection perimeter must be established to support the decision-making process prior to the development of entrance accesses and roads, which should preserve the integrity of the site;
  3. Given the unique characteristics of the Sambor Prei Kuk monuments, which are essentially made of bricks, and given the advance state of decay of numerous towers-monuments, it is recommended to use tie-belts or similar mechanisms to stabilize them. Based on available technical options, disassembling-reassembling interventions cannot be considered for this type of brick monuments;
  4. As with Angkor, it is recommended to follow the rule of preserving the tree cover except when the trees present a direct threat to the monuments. It is also recommended to regularly clear the vegetation that grows on the monuments, under a regular maintenance program;
  5. The safeguarding and development of this exceptional site will require highly complex interventions relying on a wide range of technical skills; a series of on-site training programs should be designed to this end.