Banteay Srei (APSARA):

The ad hoc experts recommend the following actions:

a. Undertake a complete topographic survey in order to have a better definition of the original limits of the archaeological site.

b. Analyse the health condition of the different trees in the perimeter of the temple and evaluate the potential risks for the conservation of the monument.

c. Deal immediately with the water stagnation problems in the east causeway along with carrying out an expanded archaeological survey prior to putting in any such drainage system.

d. Close the east entrance of the site, having tourist flows move toward the two side gates, and thus properly safeguard the inscriptions on the east gate doorframes.

e. The ad hoc experts raise serious questions about the state of conservation of the sandstone surfaces, now covered by a black biofilm that can cause deterioration of this material. For this reason, it is recommended a proper analysis programme be undertaken, along with tests to clean away this biofilm, prior to any wider application as an overall treatment.

f. That the archaeological team of APSARA together with the Conservation team present as soon as possible, a proposal for a secured building where these objects could be subject to a scientific inventory, properly stored and protected from any further damage.

g. To identify and store all the objects still partially buried around the site that are actually at serious risk.

h. The realization of a storage that should take into account the zoning specified in the World Heritage Nomination dossier, considering the possibility to use the free spaces in the area already housing the tourist facilities.

i. To destroy the present wooden building, which is in a very bad condition and close to collapse, on the South side of the monument, and to provisionally store the objects in APSARA facilities.

j. To close definitely the old National Road, for example at the level of the river, in order to avoid any perturbation, due to the unauthorized passage of vehicles.