25TS.7 22PS


Prasat Top West:

The ad hoc group of experts wishes to express its commendation on the fine way in which the project has been conducted by Nara Institute since 2003 on the Prasat Top West work site.

The first chapter of this project concerns archeological research, which has enabled the discovery of many artifacts: potteries, fragments of statues, glazed roof tiles, etc. Given these good initial results, the team is encouraged to do further architectural study on the monument to better identify the different phases of construction.

For the second chapter, the work undertaken is appreciated and it is recommended that with regard to new stone, special attention be given to the details of stonecutting, decorative molding and carving on new stones.

For the other parts of the temple to be restored, the expert group confirms its wish to have geotextiles used for the inner fill and to avoid the use of other materials such as clay or lime when applying sand fill.