Risk map for conservation:

The mechanism of the Risk Map needs highly professional expertise to identify the type and grade of the risk, as well as to interpret and to prioritize the visual data processed through relevant software. The grade and nature of the risk may require limited emergency measures to be taken. This emergency maintenance should not be mixed with the conservation which should be assigned to fully competent professionals. Taking this into consideration, regarding the work of Risk Map group, in particular for the enclosure and gates of Angkor Thom, Ad hoc experts recommend:

1. To forward the effective division, proper task assignment or, if necessary, cooperation between the risk map team and the other concerned departments of APSARA National Authority in order to utilize the map as a useful tool for the mid- and long-term conservation and restoration operations. Following the instructions given by the Angkor Charter, the action on the site is transferred to the relevant departments according to the relating expertise and skills to keep the quality and effectiveness of the intervention, avoiding confusion and ambiguous responsibility of the task. The periodical site inspections by Ad hoc experts ensure this process of practice.