11. The Bayon:

After reviewing the state of conservation of the towers most diligently studied by the JASA team, the ad hoc group of experts recommends that a consolidation and restoration project for those towers be implemented. Structural analysis and detailed surveys confirm they need urgent attention.

That is particularly true of the central tower. A system of straps at three different levels is planned by the Japanese team. That operation requires the prompt approval of APSARA National Authority so that it can get underway.

The analyses made of the terraces using different systems combining both archaeological surveys and research based on state-of-the-art geotechnical procedures make it possible to understand that the soil compression is relatively sound but the superstructures have suffered deformations that require correcting.

With a view to facilitating operations that will be undertaken in the next activity phase, the group of experts recommends that a safe visitor itinerary be studied out and implemented as soon as possible. Currently, visitors are coming and going any which way around the monument.

Finally, to choose an appropriate material for the protection of the bas-reliefs now cleaned off and rid of the blackish patina that covered them, along with monitoring the said material, the group of experts recommends that APSARA National Authority work with JASA to hold a scientific workshop during the 2018 calendar year. It would bring together experts with experience in that field. The purpose would be to assess the impact of the procedures currently being applied in other parts of the world and their potential application to the bas-reliefs found on the Angkor monuments.