5. Preah Pithu:

The ad hoc group of experts recommends that:

1. The project conservation methods including partial dismantling and reassembly must be submitted as quickly as possible to enable the ad hoc experts to assess the minimum scope of intervention necessary.

2. While appreciating the steady progress of the preparatory work, we ad hoc experts need to make an intermediate verification visit to the site well before the next ICC, as the KOICA schedule shows rapid progress of the work towards the end of this year.

3. We repeat the urgent and absolute necessity of establishing a land-use plan around the temple complex. The ever-extending shops, the increasing amount of garbage accumulating and a big diesel generator are all serious negative threats to this exceptional site. Urgent and appropriate measures should be taken in close cooperation with the APSARA National Authority.

4. A perimeter land-use plan should be made to preserve the monuments and landscape of northeast quadrant of the Royal Palace, framed by Preah Pithu, the Elephant Terrace and Khleangs. Any intervention must absolutely be validated by the ICC before its implementation.