29TS.11 24PS


11. Treatment of water pooling on the western perimeter of the Bayon:

Recalling that Dr. HANG Peou, deputy general director of the APSARA National Authority, drew the attention of the ad hoc group of experts to the presence during the rainy season as well as to some extent in the dry season, of a large pool of water extending out from the western part of the Bayon temple.

Concludes that this pooling of water is neither a pond or moat, but simply results from the fact that the roadway going by is higher than the Bayon perimeter and allows rainwater to flow over to the lower sides. The pool of water is disliked because of being an eyesore and source of offensive smells near one of the most prestigious of Angkor temples. The APSARA National Authority is therefore committed to remedy the situation.

The group of experts recommends that this pooled water be drained away using an already existing culvert and thereby restore a natural green space outside of the Bayon.

Furthermore recommends that some restructuring be done on the two ponds on either side of the eastern main entrance to the Bayon. This operation and the resulting body of water will not only enhance the aesthetics of the temple entrance, but also enable visitors to take pictures of the reflection of the temple’s towers in the water.