10. Banteay Prei and Prasat Prei

The ad hoc experts group:

a) Recommends that the APSARA National Authority get involved on both of these monuments and implement an initiative including the following different phases:

  • Study of archives to identify previous interventions;
  • Architectural survey of the buildings and over-all cartography of the site;
  • Identification, survey, and diagnosis of the different pathologies affecting the structures and the decors so that a full-fledged risk map can be made for these two minor monuments;
  • Develop a program of propping and other pro-visional consolidation to replace and add to the old propping that is now broken down and ineffective;

b) Invites the APSARA National Authority, once the buildings are secure and stable, to include the two monuments in the itineraries outlined in the Tourism Management Plan (TMP) as specific “tourist products.”