31TS.10 25PS


10. Angkor Wat Parvis:

The groups of experts recommend, regarding the future layout of the Angkor Wat parvis:

a) That the access road leading to the entrance takes into account a larger visitor drop-off point in order to avoid potential congestion;

b) To start redesigning the current parking lot by putting in a tree cover in order to keep vehicles from being parked haphazardly as drivers seek shade under the trees nearby. The purpose will also be to maintain a proper visual transition between the parvis and its natural environment.

c) In order to avoid visitor crowding at the entrance to the parvis area, an intake space should be provided, using part of the area currently designated on the plan as an archaeological reserve. That would include a proper upstream archaeological rescue operation which will detail further general information regarding the Angkor Wat site.

d) A special effort will be required to ensure that the traffic movement spaces be customized to fit in with the current tree cover, thus maintaining some flexibility in the implementation of the layout plan for the various buildings, using a multidisciplinary approach with inputs from architects, landscape architects and tourism specialists.

e) Request the APSARA National Authority to provide more information on the “local area” which represents 2,000 m2 out of the planned 5,460 m2:

– To ensure that the allocation of booths between future beneficiaries is in line with the initial decision to reserve space for vendors currently installed in front of the Angkor Wat entrance;
– Quality of Infrastructure and materials;
– Daily management and maintenance of the area (cleaning and waste management)
– Accountabilities of each stakeholder.

f) Request more details of the architectural dimensions of the diverse projected buildings.

g) Encourage the National Authority of APSARA for considering making this Parvis a plastic-free area.