31TS.4 25PS


4. Ta Keo:

The group of experts:

a) Notes the completion of the planned conservation works, with notably in addition to the work done, the use of metal strutting and clamps on the most fragile parts of the doors, lintels and frontons in order to ensure safety in the zones accessible to the public.

b) However, the group requests that the glossy appearance of those temporary metal inserts be made less conspicuous by applying a paint matching the tone of the adjacent stone.

c) Reiterates its request:

i. For documentation regarding the work done to be submitted (plans, calculation notes, etc.);
ii. For a temporary protective structure to be put in to protect the carved facing on the terrace at points where severe wear is evident, threatening to cause the loss of some major, original features of the temple;

d) Recommends That a wooden access step structure be put in to make it easier for visitors to get to the upper sections;

e) For a workshop to be held next session, as requested earlier, to display the interim work complete and potential operations slated for a future restoration project to be defined both in its doctrinal and technical approach.