The ad hoc group of experts, both for conservation and sustainable development, while giving overall approval to the newly submitted visitor concourse project, cannot agree with the basic proposal as is, which imposes a commercial splash on the way into and out of the temple, making visitors go through an array of shops, stores, restaurants, etc.

Visitors must remain free with regard to their tour itineraries.
The group of experts therefore recommends:
a) That the access to Angkor Wat be reviewed with the foregoing in mind.
b) The group furthermore points out the need for archaeological surveys to be conducted where necessary.
c) Finally, the recommendations made at the 31st Technical Session are still current. The experts recommend removal of the illegal parking and commercial establishments set up in front of the wooden promenade in front of the pontoon bridge, along the section of the road where no traffic is currently allowed, while a parking lot has been made available further down.