a) The group of experts feels that it is necessary to quickly finalize the diagnosis process in order to move forward with the tourism develop strategy and make it more “sustainable.” It is aware of the challenge and scope of the work required but feels that a crucial prerequisite involves setting up reliable databases of such things as the supply (accommodation capacity, number of operators, etc.) and fine-tuning knowledge of client needs (framing a profile of both international and Cambodian tourists). The experts also ask for greater transparency and genuine collaboration among the various stakeholder institutions in order to quickly achieve these things and finalize the work that has been started.
b) The group of experts feels that many “emergency” situations, including those involving managing visitor flows and the shops ∕ businesses need to be looked at in an overarching manner in terms of occupation of the space. Most often, handling these issues requires a high level of inter-institutional cooperation. It also calls for cooperation among the various APSARA National Authority departments, going beyond the simply structural divisions. The group of experts recommends that the “Tourism” Department work out a methodology of action and, on that basis, develop concrete proposals on how these priorities will be handled.