33TS.1 26PS



The ad hoc group of experts expressed its appreciation for the quality of the preliminary work and care given to the dismantling of the upper structures of the edifice after preparing a risk map and doing a systematic survey of all the blocks. Numbering them and recording their placement for an anastylosis operation have been done with great precision. An action plan for the way forward was submitted to the group of experts, who make the following recommendations:
a) to move ahead with archaeological research on the monument perimeters to get a comprehensive vision of the condition of the foundations and possible weathering of the laterite blocks that has led to deformation of the stone footings at the base of the monument;
b) to move ahead with the geological research to properly grasp the soil levels and thus assess what has given rise to the deformations, notably the subsidence of the monument’s southeast section;
c) to clear the causeway access and see in what way the cruciform terrace now revealed is connected to the east gate of the temple;
d) to look into the possibility of putting in pedestrian access to Ta Nei temple from Ta Keo temple based on upstream study of what access may have been used historically.