33TS.13 26PS



The ad hoc group of experts recommends:

a) The first point is the east entrance gate:
i. to start operations to dismantle the east gate respecting previous recommendations;
ii. during these operations, be sure that there is always access for people with reduced mobility going through that gate.
b) The second point involves the trees:
i. The experts agree with the proposals made by the APSARA National Authority team to remove the tree on the Hall of Dancers surrounding wall, given the dangerous angle at which it is leaning. It is a young tree that grew after the rediscovery and contributes little to the ideal, natural view of Ta Prohm and only slightly alter the wall. This job can be carried out under the condition that other repair operations are undertaken on that wall.

ii. The second tree, on the other hand, it is hoped that it can be kept alive as long as possible where it stands, keeping an eye on the masonry it affects. Its crown could be trimmed, and its framework branches pruned to keep the tree from putting too much stress on the masonries when buffeted by wind. The above-mentioned tree contributes a lot to the natural image of the temple so should be preserved as a matter of priority. If it was cut down, that would have a direct impact on the environment of the neighbouring trees and be very invasive operation in an area that has not yet come up for a work programme.