34TS.12 27PS


12. Bypass road (southwest of Angkor Wat moat to the Parking of Angkor Wat Forecourt):

The Ad Hoc groups of experts recommend:

12.1 conducting an archaeological survey (especially surface collection of artefacts) in and around the planned construction area, and preparing a report together with the results of this survey;

12.2 providing filling soil of proper height not to damage underground remains,

12.3 minimizing the cutting of existing trees;

12.4 examining the route and design of the entrance to the parking of Angkor Wat parvis, where various traffic lines will intersect;

12.5 repairing or refurnishing the outlet located at the south-west corner of the moat of the Angkor Wat temple and a related watercourse in order to smooth drain off and to maintain the pleasant and clean aesthetic of the aquatic landscape; and

12.6 considering that the construction of this bypass road is integrated into a global traffic plan on the whole Angkor site, which has to be quickly presented to the ICC.