35ST.17 28SP


17. Pré Rup Temple:

It is noted that the operations recommended in June 2021 were carried out with discernment, after a precise identification of the damage affecting the east entrance of Preah Rup in particular. To complete this, the ad hoc experts recommend:
a) for the crack filling treatment on brick facings, it seems preferable to carry out a pointing slightly in from the bricks, rather than plugging them in with brick fragments which can look like the marking of a new area compared to an old area;
b) for the stone lintel of the northeast entrance: plan to consolidate this flaking lintel;
c) for the tableau at the southeast entrance: it is proposed to continue on the basis the old intervention carried out using a uniform repointing to cover over this greatly deformed section of the structure;
d) finally, with a view to the future restoration of the temple in complete harmony with its environment, it is proposed to develop a project for a detour from current road separating the temple from its eastern platform.