35TS.13 28PS


13 External walkways

It is noted that the pathways made of sand deteriorate considerably during the rainy season, that those made of wood have become difficult to put in and that random paths are created over the grass at the whim of the visitors.
Based on the principle that the use of wooden planks must, above all, be used a means of protecting archaeological remains or of overcoming obstacles, such as stepways, in order to preserve the original material, the group of experts recommends the following program:
– putting in paths of molded concrete slabs seems acceptable to the extent that the illusion with wooden material is perfect, they therefore recommend using 4 or 5 widths of slabs, 3 or 4 different molds, a single length of slabs with slight dimensional variations, molded edges also and shades of natural color, installing these very lightly at ground level (10 to 11 cm).