This publication celebrates 20 years of the ICC-Angkor and of the inscription of the Angkor site on the World Heritage List. It underlines the historic and cultural wealth of this globally acclaimed site and highlights the drive of all of those who have been entrusted with the management and development of the site in the fields of research, archaeological restoration and tourism enhancement.
The anniversary of the end of the second decade of the International Co-ordination Committee for the Safeguarding and Development of the historic site of Angkor (ICC-Angkor) gives us the opportunity to take stock. For the past 20 years, the ICC-Angkor, with UNESCO support, has successfully accomplished its role.
This publication is the place to acknowledge all of those, who, through their expertise and conviction, have forged the success of the ICC-Angkor throughout the years.
The commitment of the Royal Government of Cambodia and the daily efforts of the APSARA National Authority presently represent the best guarantors for the sustainability of the activities undertaken, and the partners of Cambodia should be proud of their work.

Beyond this 20 years anniversary, it is also time to once again ponder on new developments.
The continuum of the internationally-based supporting structure seems relevant as Cambodia has many challenges yet to face. It is also necessary to redouble the efforts that assist in strengthening the skills and empowerment of the APSARA National Authority in the management and development of the site. This is the future.
The ICC-Angkor, supported by the passionate engagement of a community of international researchers for this outstanding site, will continue to bring its essential expertise, but it is on Cambodia and Cambodians that eventually the responsibility for Angkor is bestowed.