4.  As for the establishment of an Advisory Group of experts for sustainable development as envisioned at the Second Intergovernmental Conference in Paris in November 2003 and recommended at the 13th meeting of the Technical Committee in February 2004, whose operating procedures were discussed at the October 2004 Quadripartite meeting (France/Japan/Cambodia/UNESCO), the Committee recommends that:

  1. This group be implemented on a one-year trial basis;
  2. Its activity with the APSARA National Authority focus primarily on water, poverty alleviation and forest protection, and at the end of the one-year trial period, the Group’s activities be reviewed by means of an analysis report. Such an assessment should provide a basis for a final position to be taken regarding its operation;
  3. The ICC secretariat reserves the right to ask this group to take on certain issues and assignments, which were initially submitted to the ICC.