1. Given the desire of the Royal Government of Cambodia to achieve a proper balance between the duty of preservation and the necessities of development, it is recommended that, under the aegis of the two co-chairmen, with the assistance of the Secretariat and in consultation with the APSARA National Authority, the Advisory Group of Experts for Sustainable Development agreed to by the ICC be made operational. Its make-up and regular manner of operation are to be decided prior to the next meeting of the Technical Committee in June 2006.
  2. While expressing its satisfaction with the rehabilitation work being done on the Western Baray, which will be brought back into operation for irrigation and agricultural development purposes, the ICC recommends that there be close cooperation between the APSARA National Authority and the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology throughout the work operations. Particular attention must be paid to the heritage value of the Western Baray and the archeological and historical reserves found in it, which are precious assets for tourism promotion around the area.