6. KOH KER Site:

The ICC expresses its satisfaction with the initial action taken by the APSARA National Authority as it assumes responsibility for the Koh Ker site (guarding, maintenance, preservation and development outline).

The ICC recommends that the Ad Hoc Group of Experts proceed in the normal manner with its assessment and monitoring missions on the site. Likewise, the ICC is appealing to institutions and researchers who have archival records, graphic or photographic documents relating to Koh Ker to kindly provide the APSARA National Authority with duplicates.

Subsequent to the detailed presentation made by ICCROM Director General Mr. Bouchenaki and member of the Ad Hoc Experts Group, the Committee recommends that the APSARA National Authority, in assuming its management responsibility for the site, focus on the following priority points:

  • Ensure routine site maintenance ;
  • Structure access and roads based on a preliminary, systematic survey operation that the APSARA National Authority has already initiated and that must now be continued;
  • Consolidate some monuments on the site (such as Prasat Thom) and begin work on components moved during past conflicts;
  • Undertake emergency operations based on a risk map to be made up by the APSARA National Authority, which risk map should take into consideration the “pristine” nature of the Koh Ker site;
  • Continue its archaeological study of the site while at the same time filling in previous excavations, using a case-by-case approach;
  • Conserve the rare wall paintings identified on the site with the assistance of the German team (GACP) directed by Professor Hans Leisen;
  • Safeguard in situ the inscriptions found on the site; make rubbings of them as soon as possible;
  • Encourage greater involvement of the local communities in protecting and showcasing the site.