The Committee recommends that the APSARA National Authority routinely consult the ad hoc Group of Experts, doing so through the Standing Secretariat, prior to issuing authorization for any type of temporary installation, such as the trappings for night shows in and around the monuments.

Any structuring done in the tourist zones of monuments must take into account the particular features of each monument so as not to interfere in any way with the authenticity of the site.

Given the risk of trivialization doomed to occur if tourist flows are not controlled, the Committee recommends that projects take into account both the social aspect and ethics.

It is recommended that an in-depth study be made of visitor flows on sensitive sites with a view to generally setting up amenities in a way that makes waiting a pleasant experience for visitors, enhances their understanding and encourages their use of goods and services.

We feel that capturing the daily visitor flows for manipulation on a GIS would be an extremely useful approach in trialing various options.

It is recommended that problems involving development in the town of Siem Reap (traffic congestion, pollution, water management, household waste, drainage systems, etc.) be reduced by instituting a holistic urban management plan including the setting up of an environmental observatory.