Number 1
The ICC is pleased to see that the APSARA National Authority intends to find solutions—that will hopefully prove to be permanent ones—to the problem of pollution, now at a very high level, on the World Heritage Site.
One of the main aspects of this problem is road traffic involving vehicles of all types and sizes. It is therefore recommended that an electrically powered shuttle service be used to take visitors to and from the temples.
In this regard, the ICC makes the following urgent recommendation:
1. Prior to a final decision with regard such a system, take a survey of the various publics, in particular visitors on group tours;
2. Pay particular attention to the social problems that may result if light forms of transportation are eliminated such as motorbikes, motorbikes towing an open platform (referred to as l’morks in Cambodia and tuk-tuks in Thailand);
3. In the event one or more systems of non-polluting transportation is chosen, the decision must be made transparently and based on competitive bidding, so as to ensure genuine benefits for the APSARA National Authority and tourists alike.