Number 5
Aware of the critical role of water and the environment for sustainable development in the Siem Reap / Angkor region, the ICC recommends with insistence that these issues be considered as a matter of priority, as follows:
a) Regarding water
– That a master plan for the supply and distribution of clean water be established as quickly as possible in conjunction with the Master Plan for the Town of Siem Reap being developed by JICA;
– That, for implementation of the proposals made in the Master Plan for the Town of Siem Reap, a system of coordination be put in place involving all concerned Cambodian authorities, as well as an ongoing process of monitoring and evaluation;
– That a search be undertaken to find additional or alternative sources of water;
– That an awareness-raising campaign be undertaken soon on the theme of avoiding wasteful use of water;
b) Regarding the environment:
– That deforestation operations in the Mount Kulen zone be halted as quickly as possible;
– That a tree-planting campaign be undertaken in zones threatened by erosion;
– That national and international assistance be provided to strengthen the efforts recently undertaken by His Excellency the Governor of Siem Reap to clean up the banks of the Siem Reap River.