Number 4
In the light of a recent revised reading of an important Sanskrit inscription (stele from the Mangalārtha temple) dating back to the early 14th century, a new chronology is proposed for the reigns of Jayavarman VII (now 1182-1220), Indravarman II (1220-1270) and Jayavarman VIII (1270-1295).
Given this new chronological insight that will have a definite bearing on the history of the Bayon and changes made to its layout, the ICC recommends that the JASA team look into the possibility of doing some test probes under the Bayon central tower to make sure of its stability. Such probes may also make it possible to confirm in the field the reading of the new epigraphical data, with a view to accurately establishing the history of the temple’s construction. More importantly, this operation will make it possible to come to a speedy decision as to whether or not the central tower should be closed to visitors.