a) The Committee wishes to congratulate the APSARA National Authority for the measures taken and for the first program implemented at BENG MELEA and its surrounding areas (Prasat Chrey and Prasat Kong Phluk) in order to highlight this unique cluster of three temples linked together by a large Baray, located in a recently demined zone. Work was carefully carried out despite limited resources and scarce archaeological documentation.
b) The Committee highly recommends that this documentation be completed by using archives (especially those from the EFEO) and new surveys (including photogeometry).
c) Regarding the work to be carried out, the Committee recommends minimal interventions. They must be restricted to works facilitating the understanding of monuments and the access to areas not endangering the monuments :
– Brush clearance,
– Management of vegetal canopy,
– Rehabilitation of collapsed pilasters to recreate the original alignments on causeways,
– If possible, rehabilitation of access areas.
d) Finally, the Committee supports the promotion of an intelligent inventory program of architectural components and sculpture fragments scattered on the site.
Mr Seung Kong’s team of architects (at least 2) should be available in order to implement the above mentioned recommended programs, as should be computer equipment (at least 3 computers), appropriate premises for archaeological management and storage. Also, all actions should be taken so that the APSARA National Authority quickly acquires the land in the archaeological areas.