Kbal Spean
In charge: APSARA National Authority
– Work should be undertaken to structure the edge of the river. As suggested by HE Seung Kong, further attention is needed to better showcase the sculptures, some of which have been damaged by acts of vandalism, in particular the Vishnu recently restored by Artisans d’Angkor. To achieve this, it is recommended that the so-called “bridgehead” zone be cleaned up, that carved or engraved stones be highlighted where they may have been turned over and that a wooden barricade be put up to keep visitors from treading on the sculptures.
– Regarding the matter of cleaning off sculptures currently covered with a thin layer of moss, the experts have recommended that no mechanical cleaning operation be undertaken on carved surfaces without a prior microbiological analysis of the moss or lichen. Generally speaking, it is preferable to leave such sculptures alone as much as possible, which, in any event, are either dry or wet depending on the season, and would soon be covered again by moss even after cleaning.
– The experts agree that this site abounds in remains of great spiritual and symbolical meaning which are considered with deep devotion by the local communities. As such, it would be good if both national public and foreign tourists were more familiar with them, and for this reason it would be good to include them on visitor itineraries and thereby expand the number of destinations in the Angkor zone and help relieve the growing tourist pressure from which it is suffering.