11. Angkor Wat (I.Ge.S)

  1. It is recommended that, for the restoration of the west embankment of the western moat (IgeS work site), rehabilitation works of the steps of the embankment should be continued by taking history into account, namely the difference between the part where laterite was used and the part where all the steps are made of sandstone;
  2. It is recommended to create a visual aspect reducing the contrast between ancient and new parts and to ensure a smooth transition between both parts. Taking the surface treatment of the recently restored Naga head at the end of the approach into consideration, the patination by powder of sand and iron hydroxide should be done in accordance of the that big sculptural existence;
  3. As the result and quality of the work so far done is satisfactory it is recommended to continue the restoration of this west embankment of the western moat towards the north;
  4. It is recommended to involve stone conservation experts of APSARA National Authority;
  5. It is recommended to review existing documentation and archives;
  6. It is recommended to make “relevés” des embankments of both sides in order to identify the differences and choose a specific type of transition;
  7. Taking into account the degradation of the Western part of the South Galery, it is recommended that efforts be made for launching emergency interventions aiming at relieving risks upon the gallery.