4. Bakong

  • Two years have passed since the occurrence of the damage. The emergency measures, though still effective in their function, were not sufficient. It is recommended that new restoration and reinforcement measures be taken to ensure long-term safeguarding of the temple;
  • In relation to point 1), the outward displacement of the vertical walls of the Tower 8 should be prevented by installing permanent bars embedded in the structure along each side using an appropriate connection and anchorage system. This long-term reinforcement enables the removal of two couples of tie belts, temporary placed around Tower 8;
  • In relation to point 1), it is recommended to ensure the accurate monitoring of movements and displacements for all of the eight towers at Bakong, which present similar pathologies. An electronic system would be preferable; however, a basic method such as fil à plomb could also be used;
  • Regarding the fallen and broken lintel pieces, if they cannot be put back in place, it is then recommended to store them in a museum where restoration works could be undertaken. In this regard, it is recommended to strengthen the APSARA technical team with experts of stone conservation and restoration.