5. Lolei

  • Firstly, regarding the towers, which present the most obviously progressive pathologies, it is recommended ensure waterproofing and weather-stripping of the crowns of the towers to stop water seeping into these highly degraded and vulnerable structures;
  • It is recommended to strengthen the temporary reinforcements by adding a second tie-belt on the first East tower, on the North side (to the right) to stop any opening in the upper section, and by adding additional propping on the lintels of several towers to prevent their collapse;
  • It is recommended to continue consolidation and repair work on the brick bases by improving the implementation methodology, which is currently inappropriate. In this respect, the first repairs must be redone as there are neither technically (use of cement) nor aesthetically (unsightly grey joints) satisfactory ;
  • Also, regarding the environment of the 4 towers (infrastructure of the temple and the monastery), the suggestion to move the monastery is unrealistic and is not desirable in terms of the monument’s image and atmosphere; indeed a unique feature of the site is the particularly harmonious coexistence of an ancient monument, a traditional monastery and a beautiful rural landscape. The ad hoc group of experts therefore recommends the development of a master plan for the overall management of the site, which will address in a coordinated manner the issues of monument conservation, development and presentation of the natural and built areas, and the issue of salubrity.