7. Ta Prohm

  • It is recommended that the two statues of Buddha which have recently been discovered next to the Hall of Dancers be placed in an appropriate location of the temple. Further researches are encouraged in order to identify their original location;
  • It is also recommended to make further excavations in order to search further fragments of the heads that were broken;
  • It is recommended that the atmosphere of an “organized chaos” be maintained. At the same time, a detailed study of the “parcours” including small timber bridges, terraces etc. should be prepared considering on the one hand the security expectations, and on the other the possibility of the visitors to enter into this exceptional site unique in the world;
  • Concerning the Hall of Dancers, it is recommended to eliminate any provisional propping and to replace them with definitive non-invasive measures. As already said, different solutions have to be studied for the “joint” between the two parts (the one being restored and the other left as it is on purpose;
  • The Indian team is encouraged to present proposals for future use of the stones inventoried and stored along the causeway. This could be presented to the next Technical session of the ICC;
  • As a new set of projects is going to be presented, it is recommended to integrate them into a coherent vision of the site considering the parcours and the equilibrium between archaeological ruins and restored structures.