8. Prasat Kravan

  • The Group of ad hoc experts for Conservation fully subscribes to the analysis and work methodology Prof. Leisen and his team are proposing to use at Prasat Kravan, and wishes that the APSARA National Authority Stone Conservation Unit be suitably involved in the implementation of the work;
  • It is recommended that the APSARA National Authority studies possible solutions to mitigate the new risks to which the monuments are exposed due to the increasing numbers of visitors at the site, at Prasat Kravan but also on the other Angkor monuments. Such solutions should provide recommendations for physical protection, surveillance, monitoring and communication programmes which will be able to contribute to public awareness;
  • More broadly, it is also recommended that APSARA conduct in-depth statistical analysis of tourist numbers for each of the monuments at Angkor, to better anticipate tourism-specific risks from a conservation angle and therefore to be able to envisage preventive mechanisms allowing to answer to these risks.