12. Ta Prohm

The ICC recommends:

1. The continuation of the work on the documentation and restoration of the East Gate on the basis of their experience upon the Hall of Dancers, where the completion of the complex work is positively appraised;
2. To link the project of the restoration of the South Gate to the overall circulation of tourists. The present road running just outside the South Gate in an east-west direction, should somehow be diverted from the gate to create an appropriate space for tourists leaving the site through this gate.
– to make one way tourist circuit starting from the East Gate and ending at the South Gate.
– to implement provisional safety measures to prevent the collapse of blocks from the façade of the West Gopura on the 3th enclosure. More detailed monitoring of the structural movement and the analysis of the monitoring data should be done, which may be the basis for a restoration project to stabilize the façade including a partial removal of upper part of the structure. The principle of minimum intervention should be kept in attempt to limit the removal to the least possible area at the top.