13. Phnom Kulen

The historic, national and cultural plateau of the Phnom Kulen is in danger : deforestation is continuing and many monuments have been seriously damaged as has the cultural landscape.
Urgent action is necessary:
1. The ICC urges the authorities of the Royal Government to take action in order to :
a. Stop deforestation;
b. Safeguard the environment;
c. Protect the archaeological sites and the historical monuments.
2. The ICC encourages the APSARA National Authority to reinforce its action as it is starting to produce promising results. In particular, for the in place technical teams.
3. Encourage the Cambodian Authority to consider the extension of Angkor Site already classified World Heritage Site to the Phnom Kulen Site which constitutes a symbolic source of Angkor.
4. In the medium and long run, it is strongly recommended to set up a national and sustained interdisciplinary program for:
a. Maintenance
b. Enhancement
c. Reforestation
d. Tourism management