9. West Mebon

The ICC recommends:
1. that coordination is provided regarding the management of water between the APSARA National Authority and officials responsible for the hydraulics of Siem Reap province;

2. that excavations can be carried on, as planned, in order to acquire more precise knowledge of the foundations of the middle layers of the enclosure and to understand all components of the archaeological site;

3. that the inventory of the blocks that have fallen from the enclosure and pavilions can be used for the reconstitution programme of the collapsed structures;

4. that an analysis of the stones be carried out, especially those which are decorated after, having been immersed in the water for so long. As these stones dry they can undergo a process of decay with salts migrating to the surface;

5. that an interpretation centre be established on the site of the Western Mebon so that visitors can be informed of the ongoing work.