The experts recommend that a “bank” or “roster” of scientific: technical consultants be established by UNESCO to assist in project development, evaluation, implementation and baseline scientific studies.

It was recommended that an Angkor Technical Support Service, staffed with technical experts seconded to UNESCO or to NHPAC from various specialized institutions or government agencies, be established at the Angkor Conservation Office in Siem Reap.

It is recommended that a site which is unanimously recognized as being in need of urgent conservation be selected within the archaeological park for international joint action. International solidarity and cooperation for safeguarding Angkor would be better emphasized if several national missions would join in conservation and presentation of this site for which a plan and a budget should be prepared by UNESCO. It is suggested that the Royal Plaza be chosen as this “international project”. This site offers a unique framework where international cooperation could best be developed since the site presents the various types of problems which arise elsewhere (e.g. those pertaining to mountain temples, flat temples, foundations, superstructures, deterioration of materials, landscape and hydraulic management, vegetation and touristic importance).

It is recommended that experts formulate a compendium (“shopping list”) of self-contained project proposals for submission by UNESCO to the donor community. In this regard it was mentioned that the EFEO has already published a list of possible projects.

The experts support continued periodic on-site consultations among directors of field projects, under the co-chairmanship of the Cambodian national authorities responsible for Angkor in the field and UNESCO.

It is also recommended that annual formal consultations among international experts/authorities, on Angkor take place in Siem Reap.

The experts encourage other international governmental or nom-governmental bodies to join in these consultations with a view to assisting and accelerating the international effort to safeguard Angkor.