The experts consultation noted the work accomplished so far by the experts of the Zoning and Environmental Management Plan (ZEMP project) with respect to the area where the Angkor archaeological complex is located and recommends that once the strategic orientations suggested by ZEMP are approved by the Cambodian authorities (SNC/NHPAC), the following activities be undertaken as soon as possible:

      A. For the Region (Angkor- Siem Reap),

  • A detailed water management plan
  • A regional transport study
  • A tourist development plan
  • An urban plan for Siem Reap, including the preservation of its historical sector
  • A detailed environmental conservation plan to ensure the protection of the eco-cultural area of Angkor.
  • A detailed archaeological ground survey
  • A security plan to ensure the archaeological protection of the region
  • A detailed information strategy to ensure the continued development of the ZEMP Geographical Information System (GIS).

    B. For the Angkor Archaeological park,
  • Common guidelines for the excavation, conservation and restoration of historic monuments and archaeological sites ;
  • A management plan for the Park which includes park policies and park operations;
  • Detailed plans for internal circulation including new roads;
  • A visitor management plan including a fee structure which would ensure sufficient revenue for guarding, maintenance and administration of the