Phnom Bakheng temple restoration project, WMF:

It is recommended that the WMF team:
a. Conducts a scientific inventory of the old stones removed from the walls and scattered on the ground.
b. Rebuilds the walls that have partly collapsed or are deformed to such an extent that it is impossible to ensure stability in their present condition. Ancient stone blocks are to be used whenever possible. They can be taken from the walls to be dismantled or from the ground, even when their original position in the structure is unknown or impossible to determine.
c. Develops a complete project for strengthening and restoration of the G10 brick shrine, drawing on the positive experience of the pilot restoration project.
d. Takes all necessary precautions when laterite blocks are replaced on the foundation of the G10 brick shrine. Caution and experience, along with engineer expertise must drive this operation, including in the application of the jacks. In the absence of qualified personnel, such work can prove risky for both the people and the monument.