Archaeology :

The various presentations shared on the topic of archaeological research are evidence of the importance this discipline is acquiring within the scope of work of the ICC.
The group of ad hoc experts would like to congratulate the archaeological teams that were constituted in close coordination with ANA to strengthen available knowledge on land occupancy:

– Knowledge of territory (MAFKATA mission, Mr. Christophe Pottier, EFEO)

– Industrial activities (mission by Mr. IM Sokrithy, ANA).
– Habitat development (INRAP mission in the Siem Reap airport zone, by Mr. Pierre Bâty).

– Development of Ashrama (mission by Mr. Dominique Soutif, EFEO).
– Archaeology, development and illegal excavations and land clearing at Phnom Kulen (Mr. David Dandilands, A&D).
– Building knowledge of Angkorian sculpture (Mr. Tabata Yukitsugu, Sophia University).
– Systematic research (HUNINCOR mission by Mr. Belenyesy Karoly) and study of Koh Ker collections (Mr. Ea Darith, ANA).
The ad hoc experts group wishes that these projects be considered as part of a holistic strategic approach driven by ANA, which would aim to define:

– General understanding of research objectives.
– A chronology of occupancy of the Angkorian territory.
– Better understanding of ceramic production.
– The update of the risk map established over 10 years ago, which would allow planning of new construction projects or equipment installation that will not endanger the archaeological heritage.

In this respect, the Ad Hoc Experts recommend a meeting be convened by ANA during the next ICC-Angkor technical session, to look at the broad issue of archaeological research.