Ta Phrom:

a. To undertake a survey of the vegetation, in order to propose, when necessary, a proper propping for the trees.

b. To prepare a project proposal in order to relocate, if possible, the two small Buddha statues in the Hall of Dancers.

c. To use preferably stainless pins and bars, if the case prestressed, to anchor and connect different stones. It is also recommended to hide the head of the bars.

d. To follow up the implementation of the drainage system. In this framework, it is strongly recommended to carefully monitoring the efficiency of the system during the rainy season to avoid any negative side effect to the foundations.

e. To pay attention on the reconstruction with the use of old and new stones. To establish a criterion to follow on this kind of work is important, because the contemporary use of old and new stones is frequent. The reconstruction of the vault on the North side of the Hall of Dancers provides a positive example.

f. Before deciding what work will be undertaken or not on the southern galleries of the Hall of Dancers, today still existing as an archaeological ruin, further analytical thinking appears necessary in order to propose an overall strategy for the conservation of the temple as a whole.

Hence, the ad hoc experts emphasized the need to broaden the debate at the next technical session of the ICC, in order to see more clearly the doctrinal principles that should provide a basis for future interventions on the monument as well as the final goals contemplated, in the long run, for its restoration.