Banteay Samre (APSARA):

a. Subscribes with the principle of having certain roads by-pass places where their right-of-ways go through barays and strongly suggest that a major by-pass road be put in that goes around the world heritage site and thus eliminate traffic congestion in the city and facilitate the control of traffic flows.

b. For the implementation of these different roads, it is recommended to carefully schedule the work and undertake upstream preventive archaeology research. These prior interventions must be considered as mandatory before any work is undertaken, especially along the edges of the Eastern Baray and Lolei Baray.

c. In conclusion, the ad hoc group of experts stresses the benefits that such projects can have for the monuments in the zone concerned, such as in terms visibility and ease of access to the Pre Rup temple or, by enabling a the current northern side access to the Banteay Samre temple to be redirected, in the direction of its original access along its main east-west axis.