Heritage Management Framework Project (APSARA/UNESCO/Australia):

The Experts:

Concerning the Tourism Management Plan (TMP):

a. Consider the choice of Beng Mealea temple as ideal for establishing a pilot project, because of its isolation and unspoilt features.

b. Consider that the tourism itinerary being designed bears great potential and will be representative of Khmer monuments.

c. Consider that the Tourism Management Plan (TMP) is a key project and should continue the work implemented by increasing the effective-ness of the activities and by empowering the APSARA through training and methodology transfer.

Concerning the Risk Map:

d. Recorded progress and tangible findings have highlighted the fact that the Risk Map is an instrument conducive to an overall vision and under-standing of the dynamic of the different data changes.

e. Thereby, it recommends that the APSARA, presently and for forthcoming activities, contributes updates, with detailed data, to the Risk Map, so that the APSARA staff may find it a useful instrument.

f. Recommend the extension of the GIS to the whole territory linking Angkor with the city of Siem Reap, and to include more data related to social is-sues, such as health, education, labour, etc. (“values at risk” in the socio-cultural field).

g. Recommend intense and continuous training to the APSARA staff in order for the tool to be fully understood.

h. Recommend introducing within the working methods of the departments of the APSARA the use of the Risk Map as a daily management tool.

i. Recommend the cooperation of all actors involved (the APSARA, Minis-ters) to regularly update the Map with detailed data.

j. Recommend the certification of all data without mixing the old and the new.

k. Recommend indicating the source of each data and to include the year and analytical methods (e.g. water quality, air quality) used.