Banteay Srei Villages (APSARA/New Zealand/NKF Foundation):

The Experts:

a. Greatly appreciated the APSARA staff’s availability and the quality of the exchanges during the visit.

b. Considering pockets of underprivileged populations—strongly affected by food insecurity as a result of insufficient rice production—living on the fringe of the Banteay Srei temple and at the heart of the tourism itinerary, the experts strongly encourage any activity leading to the development of additional income generation to help these population purchase food products to see to their food security.

c. Are satisfied with the fanning out of the programme supported by the Government of New Zealand to ten new villages, including Banteay Srei village, as the needs of the local population are better voiced.

d. Nevertheless, recommend to the APSARA the design of an overall devel-opment strategy on development issues for the territory where the au-thority has jurisdiction with a view to ending the extreme poverty, the vul-nerability and the precarious state of the underprivileged population.