TA KEO (Chinese Safeguarding Angkor):

The dismantling and reassembly work planned for each corner of the monu-ment has to be reconsidered to limit the scope of the work to the smallest pos-sible areas of intervention. The ad hoc group of experts specifically asks the CSA team to limit the dismantling of corner towers. As for the numerous stones scattered on the ground and coming from the former EFEO storage areas, the experts have been informed that identification of these stones will be complex, except for those of particular shapes.

Concerning the corners of the terraces of the temple presenting similar outward leaning, it is necessary to minimize the anastylosis process. One relevant intervention is to drill and insert 2-3 horizontal bars inside the cor-ner stones, along the direction of the wall. However, the CSA team should finish opening and cleaning the corners prior to carrying out this intervention.

As far as stone surface conservation is concerned, the CSA team is planning to pursue the contribution of Chinese stone conservation ex-perts. It is therefore recommended to organize discussion between the new Chinese stone conservation experts and the experts from the GACP team (Germany) and Professor M.F. André (France), who have previously worked on this topic. These two teams of experts should meet with the ad hoc group of experts, in order to discuss and exchange views.

It is recommended to proceed to thorough identification of the stones coming from the former EFEO storage areas, starting with visual analysis of these stones.