22TS.3 20PS


Srah Srang (APSARA)

ICC–Angkor recommends:

a. Demolish the upper concrete slab, currently in a damaged state;
b. Repair the lower fill with insertion of a geotextile and geogrid device, along the principle of compacted earth as used by the Italian team on the Angkor Wat moats or as is being done by the French-Khmer team at the Western Mebon site, which would make it possible to ensure a proper level of stability while preventing sand from being drawn out by water infiltration;
c. Replacement of the upper reinforced concrete slab using stainless steel reinforcement prior to final repositioning of the slab and the steps arrangement;
d. Invite the team implementing this project, which has extended over many months, to pull itself together with an eye to efficiency and greater performance to complete quickly this project.