22TS.6 20PS


Ta Prohm (ASI):

a. Inside the third gopura fallen stone blocks piled up along the west wall tend to increase its outward leaning of the wall. These stone blocks, after being properly documented, should be removed in order to lessen harmful leaning on the wall;

b. The structural behaviour of the vestibule on the side of the third gopura should be carefully monitored and structural analysis should be carried out on the basis of long-term data collection. On the basis of this understanding of the structural behaviour of this section, the vestibule, composed of the large heavy pediment, may be partially dismantled and reassembled in its upper half in order to avoid a dangerous collapse and to enable the necessary reinforcement in the lower bearing structures;

c. After being documented, the south gate should be reconstructed on the basis of the principles of anastylosis and minimum intervention;
d. It is necessary to detour the main road and create a visitor intake space. The impact study must include analysis of visitor and vehicle flows in order for them to be well regulated and managed within the given space, with minimal bypass of the main east-west traffic route.