Rehabilitation of ancient canals:

A. Angkor:

a. Congratulates the APSARA National Authority and H. E. Dr. HANG Peou for his ambitious infrastructure project to rehabilitate the ancient canal hydraulic system. This project will prevent flooding of the local villages, the World Heritage Site and the city of Siem Reap and will allow water storage to provide for the needs of the communities and contribute to monumental stability.

b. Encourages the APSARA National Authority to continue its awareness raising campaigns with the local communities and to invite them to become involved in the the project.
c. Recommends that it continue including preventive archaeological surveys in the overall project.

B. Siem Reap:

a. Acknowledges the efforts undertaken by various development partners in order to ensure water drainage through the cleaning up and rehabilitation of canals and developing wastewater treatment facilities in Siem Reap;

b. Recommends better coordination amongst the municipality, the APSARA National Authority and the development partners in order to ensure consistency in the clean-up objectives and aesthetic considerations amongst the various projects, keeping in mind that the canals should not only be used to collect and drain rainwater for irrigation purposes and prevent flooding but should also play a role in the enhancement of the traditional landscape;

c. Recommends that the concerned authorities ensure the long-term management of the wastewater treatment system, provide for regular maintenance of the rehabilitated canals and conduct regular surveys of the quality of the water used by the local communities to irrigate their vegetable crops.