Angkor Tourism Management Plan:

a. Congratulates the APSARA National Authority for setting up the TMP Unit, leading an analysis of the conditions for implementing the plan and having led an information campaign about the content and issues embodied in the Angkor Tourism Management Plan to the Royal Government and its partners;

b. Recalls the importance of the Angkor Tourism Management Plan for the overall management of the World Heritage Site but also for reducing as much as possible negative impacts on the monuments. It is therefore recommended that this plan be implemented as soon as possible and that priority be given to visible results;

c. Stresses the necessity of the sustained involvement of all departments of the APSARA National Authority in order to ensure implementation of all aspects of the Angkor Tourism Management Plan;

d. Recommends that a precise methodology be adopted, including:

– a detailed action plan,
– an implementation calendar,
– the human and financial resources to be committed,
– the distribution of tasks within the TMP Unit.

This document is to be submitted to the Ad Hoc Experts for Sustainable Development before the 22nd ICC-Angkor Plenary Session (in December 2014).